honoring our soldiers art

HOW LONG WILL THE BANNERS LAST? Colors last over a year. Vinyl material is extremely durable under standard conditions. We recommend not hanging them near tree branches. However, we recommend that display periods run no more than 45-60 days in order to make each period something special.

ARE THE BANNERS MADE IN THE U.S.? Absolutely. We use HP machines and latex inks, and durable tyvek vinyl materials purchased from U.S. companies. Although we could cut costs some by purchasing items oversees, we feel strongly about making sure we keep it in the U.S. who RECEIVES SPONSORSHIP PAYMENT? All payments are received by the town, city or organization in charge of the program, either by check or credit card. The custom website can be set up to receive credit card payment linked to a secure PayPal account or merchant service account controlled by the organization. No payment received online for programs is deposited into a Military Tribute Banner account.

HOW ARE BANNERS BILLED? Billing for program banners is done on NET10 terms and only when banners are ready for shipping. We usually ship in quantities of 10-20 at a time in order to reduce shipping costs. There are no up-front or out-of-pocket cost as sponsorship payments are typically received days prior to invoicing.

WHAT HAPPENS TO THE BANNERS AFTER THEY COME DOWN? We recommend giving the banners to the honoree or their family on behalf of the community/sponsor as a grateful "Thank You".

CAN'T WE FIND A CHEAPER BANNER PRINTER? Other towns have told us that they have tried, but then come back to us. Print companies simply can not offer what we can and the price difference for quality, full-color, double-sided banners is minimal. Included in our all-inclusive banner pricing:

• Dedicated military banner printing with a mission to honor our military heroes - reflected in the "Above and Beyond" approach we take in producing our Military Tribute Banners
• Marketing materials, sample banner, electronic marketing files, and a custom promo video if needed
• A customized, dedicated website for order taking and payment that can be linked by any site
• Order administration with daily reports showing the status of banner orders
• Customer artwork approval system
• Photo restoration applied to each photo - ensuring that the best outcome is achieved
• Fast artwork setup and printing (most often banners are printed within 1 business day of approval)
• No cost reprints on banners having errors even if information is submitted incorrectly.

WHAT IS NEEDED TO GET STARTED?  Simply contact us to help you:
• Create your custom banner design (size; colors; wording, etc.)
• Determine program details (sponsorship rate; dates of display; location of display)
• Order pole brackets if needed
We offer standard, durable pole brackets at wholesale pricing (price dependent on quantity and size)
• Create marketing materials and website (mini-flyers, posters, video and electronic files)