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Yes. A full-size sample banner just for the asking...

We like to say that "a banner is worth 1000 words" so we will gladly send you a sample banner for you to view the quality of the materials, colors as well as use in presenting the program to your community. Simply select the style of banner you would like produced, fill out the form below including any changes you would like to see.

You can mix and match wording, colors or add your own wording to suit. Upload your town/city/organization logo if desired, and upon your approval, we will set up, produce and ship your Military Tribute Banner at no charge. It's that simple.

For faster turnaround of sample banners, we limit each sample request to reflect only Thomas A. Bradford as the honoree. Do not submit photos of individuals or their information as they will not be included on sample banners.
All banner styles shown are creative property of Military Tribute Banners. No usage or similar reproduction may be used without prior written permission.
[ Click on any image below to enlarge. ]

MTB Image 0010 Layer 0
MTB Image 0009 Layer 2
MTB Image 0008 Layer 3
MTB Image 0006 Layer 4
MTB Image 0005 Layer 5
MTB Image 0004 Layer 6 
MTB Image 0003 Layer 7
MTB Sample 0003 Layer 8
MTB Image 0006 Layer 1
MTB Sample Image 10
MTB Sample Image 11
MTB Sample Image 12
MTB Sample 0001 Layer 10
MTB Sample 0000 Layer 11
 MTB Sample Back 3
MTB Sample Back 4
MTB Sample Back 5
[ NOTE: Printing a banner with the same back as the front or a back containing a full color background indicated by the * is charged at a slightly higher rate per banner than having a standard common back. Please contact us for the pricing difference. ]


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Tell us about the sample you are wanting . . .

Select the front and back styles for your sample banner. The front and back can be the same, however, the cost of producing banners with the same image on both sides is slightly higher than those with a common back.* If no specific size is indicated, a 24"x48" sample banner will be produced and shipped. Most elements on each banner can be modified to suit your needs. Simply let us know of any modifications in the notes section.

Once request is received, you will receive a via email, a PDF proof for your review usually within 1 business day, Just about everything is customizable. Once the design is finalized, your sample will be printed and shipped within 3-4 business days. During our peak seasons, it may take a little longer.