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with Cost-Match Guarantee* - ensuring the absolute best value in Military Banners available. Bar None.

Our program pricing model is second to none – offering you the absolute best value and service for a low per-banner cost. We are not a "cheap" print shop where they quote you based on just printing alone. Most often, they don't include the thicker 18oz. reinforced vinyl which is highly recommended for outdoor display. Nor are they quoting the individual setup of each banner, promotional materials, online program ordering and dedicated service that we offer at no additional cost.

apple to apples

So if pricing around, please make sure you are comparing "apples to apples". Others may give you the "apple core" at a little lower pricing, but we guarantee you the best "bushel of apples" around – with everything you need to carry out a successful military banner display that truly honors and supports your local heroes.

Included in Our Program Pricing:

  • Full-color, two-sided custom banners printed on thick 18oz. reinforced vinyl with pole pockets, grommets and reinforcement stitching
  • Dedicated online ordering for your program - Receive sponsorship orders, upload information / photos, and sponsorship payments1
  • Online job tracking - keeping you up-to-date on the status of all program orders
  • One full-size sample of your program banner to show potential sponsors
  • 1000 - 4" x 6" double-sided mini promotional fliers to distribute, customized for your program
  • 11" x 17" promotional posters (upon request)
  • 16" x 24" promotional poster (upon request)
  • Digital files of logos & artwork for use on websites and social media
  • Camera-Ready program artwork setup for newspapers, newsletters and magazine promotion (upon request)*
  • 30-second custom promotional video - perfect for TV or social media use (upon request)*
  • Banner Replacement - Banners damaged in standard weather conditions* or containing error(s) that detract from the honor, are redone for free. Just pay the shipping cost.*
  • Quantity as well as non-peak discounts
  • Cost-Match Guarantee - If anyone else can beat our pricing while still giving you all of the items that we offer with our program, we will match it plus an additional 5% off.*
  • Significant discounts on additional full-color print items for military non-profits and programs
  • Net10 billing - invoiced only after banners are ready to ship.*

2020 Standard Size Pricing

SIZE: 18"x36"

$69.00 per banner*

  •  $10 off per banner during non-peak times
  •  15% off school discounts
  •  No Charge for Gold Star Banners*

SIZE: 20"x40"

$79.00 per banner*

  •  $10 off per banner during non-peak times
  •  15% off school discounts
  •  No Charge for Gold Star Banners*

SIZE: 24"x48"

$99.00 per banner*

  •  $10 off per banner during non-peak times
  •  15% off school discounts
  •  No Charge for Gold Star Banners*

SIZE: 30"x60"

$139.00 per banner*

  •  $10 off per banner during non-peak times
  •  15% off school discounts
  •  No Charge for Gold Star Banners*
Call for custom-sized banner pricing.
* Pricing based on honoree front and common back.
Gold Star Banners - Banners for those who died in the current wars
(1990-present) or who died from the inners battles of those wars.


What else do you need to know?

  • Our pricing is all-inclusive which means that you receive everything listed in order to make your program the most successful it can be. The only additional cost is shipping which is based on low FedEx ground rates. We only utilize FedEx because of their shipping reliability and care.

  • Program Pricing does require a minimum expectation of 35 banners to be ordered. So far, we have not had one program not meet the minimum expectation due to the fact that we provide numerous materials to help promote each program. If for whatever reason, the minimum is not reached, a small $99 charge will be assessed.

  • Non-peak times are those times of the year that are not associated with patriotic holidays - Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Veterans Day. Those are our busiest times. Banner orders that come in during non-peak times receive a $10 discount per banner. Planning and promoting early can save us overtime and you money.

OUR NON-PEAK DATES FOR 2020 January 1st through April 15th and July 15th through September 15th.

1 PayPal account required. All online payments received are 
deposited directly to your PayPal account. * Call us for details.