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Military Tribute Banners makes it easy to receive payments from banner sponsors through the program ordering page. You determine whether you wish to receive payments by check, credit card, or both. All sponsorship payments are made directly to the organization or entity in charge of the particular program for that community. Military Tribute Banners does not receive any payments from sponsors (those ordering banners for your program). The site simply informs the sponsor of payment options and allows for credit card payments to your merchant service account if desired.

Account security is very important to us. Our site is verified, secure and encrypted and all information pertaining to the credit is entered in through the secured merchant service site, not ours. Only minimal information to process credit card payments is stored on our servers.


To receive sponsorship check payments, simply let us know check details: Who to make the check out to, mailing address and any memo line information - honoree's name, program name, etc. This information and instructions will then be displayed upon selecting check payment as their payment choice.


NOTE - Credit Card payment is done at time of ordering. Payment by credit card through our site for a previously submitted order is not possible. Also note, Credit card merchant services normally charge for credit card processing. Typically, it runs about 2.7% - 3.0% of the amount and about 30¢ per transaction.

PayPal Business Credit Card Processing (Recommended)

Credit card payments through any site can be a complicated process to do securely & correctly. However, the easiest and most convenient way to allow your sponsors to pay by credit card at the time of ordering is by having a PayPal Merchant Services Business account. Reliable and secure, PayPal is trusted by millions of businesses worldwide and is easily integrated into sponsorship ordering pages.

PayPal accounts should be set up through PayPal as a Business account, not a Personal account. Personal accounts only allow individuals to pay if they have or set up a PayPal account. Business accounts allow for the option of entering in credit card payment information with or without a PayPal account.

To allow sponsors to submit and pay for their banner sponsorship via credit card through PayPal Business, there are some settings in your PayPal account that need to be set correctly in order to ensure a successful payment transaction and redirect properly back to your Thank You page on our site.

PayPal Business Credit Card Processing Settings



If using your PayPal account on other sites that offer payment through your PayPal account, keep Auto Return - OFF. The Payment Data Transfer option will be turned off as well. If you are using this PayPal account only for the Military Tribute Baners sponsorship orders, then ensure that the items are set according to the specs below.

Auto Return : ON
Note: If you are not using PayPal for any transactions other than banner sponsorships, you may set this to ON and sponsors will be automatically redirected to your Thank You page on our site upon successful payment transaction. If so, copy & paste this link into the Return URL slot:

Payment Data Transfer (PDT) : ON
When you save, you will see a new token appear under PDT.
It will be long and look something crazy like this:
1lKLrK97qfIAZ79eGetcntj8mVo8h9LmcSkcz-ZVF4_KRpeNAOqFN1m t3GN2
We need to enter this token into your ordering page on our site for a successful redirect back to your Thank You page on our site after payment. Simply copy and paste it into an email and send it to us so that we can add it to your set up. This is simply a security feature, matching the codes, that ensures that the site your PayPal is redirecting to, is ok'd by you. Without it, a redirect error message may appear even though payment was made.
PayPal Account optional: ON
This allows payment from sponsors without having to sign into PayPal to do so. (This option may not be available on personal PayPal accounts.)


single star gold   IPN SETTING - Instant Payment Notification. Note: IPN settings must be enabled for redirect to work properly.


Insert the following into the Notification URL:

Ensure that Receive IPN messages enabled is clicked on.

Merchant Service Credit Card Processing  (Other than PayPal)

If you have a credit card processing merchant service provider that you would like to use instead of PayPal,  they may not have the ability to easily incorporate credit card processing into websites. In these cases, we recommend simply creating a sponsorship payment link, with any specifics about the sponsorship payment (sponsorship rate, description) and sending us the link to it. We then attach that link to your Thank You page.

Upon selecting credit card as their payment choice, a sponsor will be instructed to submit their sponsorship form and then click on your payment link which will appear on the Thank You page, They will be redirected to your merchant service product page to complete payment.


So that you are not being billed by us for banners that you haven't received payment for from the sponsor, Military Tribute Banners will not produce any banners until you have let us know that payment has been received for each order.  An account will be set up for you to log in and view the status of all orders that have been received for your program, which ncludes payment verification. Simply let us know which orders you have received payment for and we will mark them as verified and will proceed straight into production upon approval of artwork.