When uploading images for production, the higher the resolution, the better the end product will be. Images that are taken from social media or the internet are typically low resolution and are not meant to be used for high-quality large format printing. WE RECOMMEND SCANNING PHOTOS IN AT A MINIMUM OF 300 DPI FOR A 3"X5" PHOTO. For smaller photos, increase the resolution.

dpi scan paper photos

REMEMBER: Higher resolution is always your friend when it come to banner printing. Don't just accept the default on your scanner if possible. To reduce file size, make sure to scan only the photo area. Most scanning software allow you to select only the photo area. Also, you can save file size by scanning black and white photos in grayscale mode.

hi low res

                                      High-res vs. low-res results after printing.


We can accept just about any format. However, we recommend high resolution jpgs or pdfs. When saving these images after scanning, PLEASE ENSURE that the setting for either format is set for the maximum resolution / print quality available. Most scanners have a default of low resolution / small file size for these formats so verify settings before saving image.

A low-resolution save setting will wipe out a high-resolution scan. Vice-versa, a high-resolution save setting will do little to enhance a low-resolution scan so both are crucial to ensure the best end-result.

ALSO take the time to name the file with the honoree's name. File names such as "Dad's photo" or scan numbers should be avoided to ensure easy retrieval for future reference.

If you need assistance, just give us a call. We most likely can walk you through your scanner software in order to get a great scan for your Military Tribute Banner.