How Does Fundraising Program Work?

(for qualifying museums and non-profits):

  • Simply fill out the Contact Us form or call to speak to us.

  • Together, we will determine the best options for you -  program specs, length of display, sponsorship amount and banner style and size.

  • Based on projected sponsorships, we provide you with flyers, posters, contact cards and a full-size sample banner to help promote the program. (minimum banner commitment required)

  • Your responsibility is to find a suitable location to display the banners and promote the program in your area -  finding local veterans/active-duty members to honor as well as promote sponsorships for each banner.

  • Once information and photo are received, we produce the banner (after artwork approval) honoring him or her to be displayed at your location for the sponsorship length.

  • Your banner are typically shipped within 4 business days of artwork approval (bulked shipped in quantities of 5 or 10) - at which time you are billed for the banners shipped and the shipping cost.)

  • Depending on the sponsorship amount, you can receive anywhere from $50-$200+ for each banner sponsorship sold