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ABOUTQUESTIONS ONTHE "1, 2, 3 s" OFStarting a Heroes Print or Garden Banner Program


A lot goes into starting a Military Tribute Banner program in your community. The Military Tribute Banners Heroes Print program and Garden Banner program are meant to make it easy to start a program without the additional time and cost involved in pole banner displays.

Choose between our Framed Heroes Prints for indoor display or Garden Banners for an outdoor display.


The $999 Program Pricing

These programs are created to help make honoring your heroes easy as well as affordable. The $999 all-inclusive pricing makes it simple and affordable to start a program when access to outdoor poles is not available. You get a complete Military Tribute program - from ordering to shipping - for one low price.
How does the $999 all-inclusive pricing work?
It's simple. It is a one-time payment of $999 paid prior to print production. All set-up is done up front and no payment is needed until printing of items begin.
What's included in the $999 Program set pricing?

For a one-time payment of $999, you receive:

  • 30 Garden Banners with stakes OR 20 Vintage Banners OR 14 Framed Heroes Prints
  • Customized program informational / ordering page for sponsorship ordering
  • Custom setup / photo restoration for each honoree submitted
  • Digital promotional materials for social media / website promoting
  • Program page URL link to embed in email blasts, on social media or other websites
  • Order management account allowing you to view status of orders
  • Ground Shipping (1 shipment per 30 Garden Banners or 14 Framed Heroes Prints)
What if I have additional orders that come in for the program?
The price of $999 covers either 14 Heroes Prints or 30 Military Tribute Garden Banners. If you surpass this quantity in orders before the initial shipment is sent, each additional order will be charged at the discounted program rate and will be billed accordingly.
Any orders received after the initial set has been shipped will be billed at our current list price, and a flat rate shipping charge will apply for each additional set that is shipped.
You may also opt to purchase another $999 Program Pricing set if you feel you will reach the orders included in an additional set.
What if I don't initially have enough orders to reach the amount offered?

By promoting early and providing sponsors the chance to buy extra prints for personal use or as cherished gifts for their loved ones, you can easily surpass the initial quantity. Moreover, since these prints can be proudly displayed in homes, the likelihood of more print orders greatly rises.

If you do not meet the initial quantity specified in the $999 price, a credit will be applied to your account for the outstanding number of prints yet to be ordered. You can proceed to place orders until that quantity is reached, with the only additional cost being a flat-rate shipping fee per each additional shipment required.

What limits are there to the customization of each item?
All of our prints are set up for speedy production so we strictly limit information for both the Heroes Prints and Garden Banners to:
  • Honoree's Name (1 individual only - multiple individuals will be billed individually)
  • 1 Photo per Honoree
  • Branch of Service (More than one branch served may be allowed)
  • Dates of Service (Year to Year)
  • For Garden Banners & Heroes Prints - Either Rank OR 1 Medal / Award (not both)
  • Set up is limited to the style layout selected (No modifications to layout permitted to accommodate special requests)
Can I mix and match Framed Heroes Prints with Garden Banners or mix styles?

The simple answer is - No.

Each $999 purchase allows you to choose between either Framed Heroes Prints or the Garden Banners as your program. With Garden Banners, you must select one style and all of the honorees submitted for your program will be set up in that style.
You do have the option purchase two $999 program sets if you wish to offer both Heroes Prints and Garden Banners or you wish to offer two different styles of Garden Banners.

Preparing for Your Program

With enough time and preparation, your program can be highly effective and successful in honoring your local military heroes. Although easier to start up than an outdoor pole banner display, there is still planning that goes into a successful Garden Banner or Heroes Print program honoring you heroes. Here are some questions that will help you in this stage.
How do I prepare for a program in our community?

Preparing for a successful banner program is easy if you keep these things in mind. Military Tribute Banners takes care of much of the back-end work to make it easy for you to concentrate on certain aspects of the program.

Questions To Ask:  What people / organizations will help in overseeing your program?

Who will handle sponsorship payments and in what forms of payment will be accepted?

Is an account already set up in which to deposit sponsorship payments? (We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that no personal accounts be utilized to avoid any appearance of misuse of funds.)

Who will be the contact person for specific questions?

How far in advance of the display period do you need to have your items in hand?

What will happen to the prints after the display period? Will they be stored for re-display or will they go back to the sponsor as a "Thank You"? Keep in mind that banners can be re-dsiplayed but like anything else, they will have to be retired at some point due to wear and tear. This varies based on the display enviroment.

What will be the criteria for who will be honored on a Heroes Print or Garden Banner?

Will you limit the program to local residents only or will it be open to anyone connected to the community in some way.

How do I determine a sponsorship rate?

Determining the right sponsorship rate is important as this will determine how many sponsorship orders you will receive. Too high of a rate and you will limit orders. Too low of a rate and you may not be covering the costs associated with your display.

Things to Consider: Sponsorship rate should cover the cost of the program pricing, any additional charges on your end associated with the display, as well as any additional amount you would like to receive for fund raising purposes.

Also consider the location and the length of display in your sponsorship rate. The more visible, attractive the location and the longer the display period, the higher a rate can be charged. If you plan to display banners for more than one display period, this can also merit a higher rate.

However, keep in mind that garden banners displayed outdoors are susceptible to the elements as well as vandalism so long display periods are not recommended.

How are the sponsorship payments managed?

One of the most important factors of managing a program is the receipt of sponsorship payments. Payment for sponsorships are made directly to the community/organization promoting the program. Military Tribute Banners does not receive any sponsorship payments, we simply provide sponsors with the information as to how payment is to be made to your program and even create a PayPal payment gateway or embed your credit card processing link for the public to pay be credit or debit card.

You will need to keep track of all payments received and convey to us in a timely manner which sponsorship payments have been made for your program. There is a simple form that is added to your "Account" tab to relay payment information. This is important as we will not produce banners unless you verify that payment has been received. Keep in mind that payments from sponsors should be received in a timely fashion to allow for production and shipping prior to the start of your display period.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that no personal accounts be used for the purpose of receiving sponsorship payments. We will not include any payment information on our website that directs the public to make payments to an individual or personal business to avoid any appearance of misuse of funds.


Promoting Your Program

Getting the word out to the community about your upcoming Military Tribute Banner should be done early enough and by as many means as possible. Social media and other websites (veteran organizations, city, news, etc.) are the best means to get the program information out to the public quickly.
How to Promote

The most successful programs are the ones that are properly promoted throughout and supported by the community. Promoting of a Military Tribute Banner program should be done with enough time and by as many means as possible.

Promotional Areas to Pursue: 

Veteran / Military Organizations

What organizations (veterans groups, ROTCs, etc.) can help promote the banner program to their membership, families and to the community?

Social Media

What social media platforms do you have available that can help promote the program? Keep in mind, that the more organizations and individuals promoting the program through their social media followers, the greater the outreach.

Local Government / Chamber of Commerce

Will the local city government or Chamber of Commerce help promote the program on their website / social media? Having them on board has proven to be a successful in reaching more potential sponsors.

Local Businesses

Are there locations such as restaurants or convenience stores that will allow you to get the word out to their customers about the program?

Local Media

Are the local news stations, radio stations or newspapers willing to do a segment on the upcoming Military Tribute Banner program and what a great thing it is for the community?


Honoring our military heroes throughout communities nationwide.