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Military Tribute Banners Printed Promotional Materials

We can also provide custom printed materials at no-cost (see program requirements) for you to distribute at locations that will allow you to place fliers on their counters or walls such as restaurants, businesses, city halls, convenience stores, etc. They do take time to produce and ship. 

The fastest and most effective way to promote your banner program is through social media and on organizations / town / city websites utilizing the digital images already created for your program. They are available to download through your account page on our website.

To order your printed promotional materials, please fill out and submit this form. Once your promotional item is set up, a proof will be sent to you for your review. Upon your approval, it will be printed and shipped to you within 7-10 business days.

Promo Materials
11"X17" Single Sided Wall Posters  OR  4"X6" Double-Sided Mini Fliers
To help keep your per banner pricing the same as last year, we have limited the selection of no-cost printed materials to either mini fliers OR wall posters. If you would like to have both, you may purchase the additional promo items based on quantity needed by selecting below.

Honoring our military heroes throughout communities nationwide.